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Brooklyn  Bastille Soap is our  fragrance free  simple soap  perfect for face and body.

Made with the bubbly, soothing powerful and moisturizing agents from nature's

Kokum butter

Olive Oil

Coconut Milk

Distilled Water

NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide)

Sodium Lactate


Our soap are perfect for those who need suffer from skin irritations and pre existing conditions. Brooklyn Bastille Soap protects skin while providing deep cleaning for sensitive skin.


This light natural soap has an original fragrance that will make you fall in love.


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Distilled water, coconut milk, sodium hydroxide (lye), virgin olive oil, kokum butter, kaolin clay, glycerin, sodium lactate..

Bars vary in weight from 3-4oz
Netanyah’s Candles and Skin Care is committed to creating handmade natural soaps, lotions and body butters on the premises. We do not use pre-made soap or lotion bases.


PLEASE Test on a patch of skin to determine if this is right for you.

Some fragrance oils can trigger skin ailments. Please review ingredients carefully if you suffer from skin allergies.


Almond oil
Coconut oil
Jojoba oil
Palm oil

OliKok - Olive Oil & Kokum Butter Soap ~ FRAGRANCE FREE Soap

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